About Forever Feminine

Owner Lynn Raimondo

With over 20 years as a fashion director in designer high end apparel part of my career has been to assist women in choosing the right look for any event.From the appropriate attire for the boardroom to the most upscale event my experience and knowledge has been sought after by many accomplished individuals seeking my professional advice.

lynnI am truly fortunate to have worked amongst leading designer specialty retailers carrying brands such as Christian Dior, Armani,Versace etc. where I acquired my extensive knowledge and expressed my creative talent.An example of my accomplishments were leading and directing successful fashion shows,merchandise selection for all stores that gave my employers a substantial increase.Implementing visual display standards and product knowledge company wide where I have won several awards for "Creative Inspirations".Selection and development of all management levels to develop and grow their store locations that in turn became profitable enough for my employers to expand into other locations.During expansion I was personally involved with the selection of new store site locations and store design.

Not to mention building loyal clientele and sound business practises that inspired and motivated me to launch my own successful business since September 2007.My main customer base is through my website reaching customers worldwide,or you will find me at most bridal shows,or local malls.I always post my schedule under Special Events on the home page.