Delicate hair adorment featuring an intricate filigree floral centre with a raised centre of shimmering petite rhinestones. This unique comb is dazzling with sparkling open leafy petal shapes and clusters of larger rhinestone solitaires on swirls of highly polished silver plating throughout. Curvy mesh like petals are also intricately placed throughout completing the look of this unique hair charmer.

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Majestic appeal with this glamorous insert that may be worn as a hair fascinator or simply stunning with any side style or regal bun. Absolutely stunning for all bridal looks including Mother of the bride. Note: Avoid breakage by not adjusting spray to suit hair style. Item does not lay flat on hair and is meant to sit slightly away from head as like a fascinator. Measures approx. 6" height including comb. Store completely flat and well wrapped

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