Samara Hair Vine

Samara Hair Vine


Take your hair style to new heights of glamour with this stunning hair vine. Clusters of prominent heart shaped florals in highly faceted cut clear stones embellished with a mix of sparkling solitaires or caviar pearls. Accents of  luminous leafy shapes and glimmering rosettes throughout that finishes this look with tasteful elegance. Picture of model is hair style idea only.

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Deluxe  accessory look even for the most distinguishing event especially bridal.  Impressive hair vine with plenty of sparkle that will highlight to any style. Flexible wire band to adjust to suit side or up do style. Open end loops to attach securely with matching silver pins included. For heavier volume hair we recommend extra bobby pins. To prevent breakage gently bend wire to fit properly. Store flat and well wrapped and avoid hair spray. Decoration measures approx. 8" Picture of model is hair style idea only.

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